Whether you own an iPhone or not, you must have already heard a lot about jailbreak and unlocking. These are activities that lead to loosening the control of Apple and the carrier over the phone and the owner and therefore detested by both. You like everything about your new iPhone 5C except the high call rates charged by the carrier and the restrictions that Apple has imposed upon you by selling you a locked device. If you want total freedom, you need to Unlock iPhone 5c though you can get rid of phone restrictions through jailbreak iPhone 5C also.

Unlock iPhone 5c without any legal worries

Till now, most of the owners of iPhones bore the restrictions on their devices without saying a word because they were fearful of the authorities. They thought that they were doing something that was against the law and also unethical. Apple compounded their misery by threatening to revoke the warranty on their gadgets. But now the authorities have said that you are the owner of the phone once you have paid for the device and the software in full. Thus you can move ahead and unlock iPhone 5C without the fear of any legal action being taken against you.

If you are desirous but do not know how to Unlock iPhone 5c, all you got to do is to make a search on the internet. There are many companies out there ready to help you carry out the unlocking of your iPhone 5C. It makes sense to take help of the experts if you have no clue as to how to move forward. There are many benefits that accrue to you with iPhone 5C unlock. You become free to download programs from sources other than the app store and you have more freedom to customize your phone also. The following is a step by step guide to unlock your iPhone 5C using a free software from internet that has become very popular these days.

Step 1: Visit this site and download the suitable tool that matches the baseband of your iPhone

Step 2: Make a copy of your phone in case there is a mishap during the procedure

Step 3: Connect your iPhone 5C with your desktop

Step 4: Click on Start menu of the tool

Step 5: Let the tool work and give the details of the phone and carrier when prompted

Step 6: Once it is over, disconnect the phone and reboot

Step7: Place the SIM of the new carrier and check for its signals

Step8: If you find the universal app store Cydia on the home screen, your device has been unlocked

Proceed for Unlock iPhone 5C with caution

There has not been a universal Unlock iPhone 5c tool on the internet so far. However, you can still get your phone unlocked through third party solutions. Make sure that you get down to a reliable and experienced company for this purpose. This is because many people have damaged their expensive device in the past because they wanted it to be done for free. Paying a small fee ensures that you get service from the company.